We have established expertise in Machine learning methods with specific application focus in the
following areas:
1. Pattern recognition, classification, and regression
2. Predictive analytics in fintech and banking sectors
3. Dimensionality reduction functionality
4. Data segmentation and clustering
5. Application for image processing and feature extraction


Our key practice areas here are to focus on understanding client needs and tune up our offerings to
their needs.Our specific technology interest areas are in GitHub, Maven, Jenkins and Selenium

Cloud Consulting

We help clients in obtaining maximum business value from cloud computing framework. This includes suggesting appropriate CSP for their business, partitioning digital and IT infrastructure assets appropriately amongst on premise and cloud facilities, provide advisory on data governance requirements for cloud hosted applications and so on.  
Our team has established expertise in Amazon AWS ecosystem for small businesses.   

IT Data Governance

Provide concrete steps for integrated and end to end Data strategy including the following.

1. IT processes pertaining to data
2. Policies that apply to data like data retention, archival etc.
3. Data standards
4. Quality of data (degree of structuredness and completeness)
5. KPIs
6. Technologies

Web Development

We build and develop websites using ascendable and expandable architectures completely in acquiescence with rigid industry standards.

We have capability, acquaintance and credentials to make conclusions on business problems by deeply examining your business goals and marketing aspirations by applying our technical knowledge.

So, either you need individual web design services or Web Development Services for your company; we are here to help you be successful. We understand that your website will be your corporate identity and a means of improving ROI worldwide. It is therefore essential to employ best strategy and technology to give your website a professional look combining with attractive designing. Our website development service equips all essentials required to promote your business growth. We make your website an effective tool for your business and to help you create success online.